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Best Pubs For Food

How to Submit a Listing

Regardless of the listing option selected, the submission process for each is essentially the same. To illustrate the process, let's assume that Morris DaCat wants to list as a Reciprocal Listing at Best Pubs For Food. Feline Wine and Dine is located in Scratchpole, New York and there is not currently a category in the directory for that location. Morris is aware that he will need to add the reciprocal URL from the Best Pubs For Food website as part of the registration process, so he has his webmaster standing by. Okay, let's begin.

First, Morris will want to navigate through the categories until he finds the primary category for his listing. For Morris, this means he will:
  1. From the Best Pubs For Food "Home" page, click "1 - United States"
  2. Click Northeast
  3. Click New York
If the option for Scratchpole exists, Morris would click it. However, Morris realizes that an option does not exist and he will have to add a category for the town before he proceeds.

Add a Category
  1. Morris will click the "Add Category" option at the top of the page
  2. In the "Name" field, Morris will type the name of the town as Scratchpole
  3. In the "Description" field, Morris may type a brief text entry to define the town. For example, "Historic town within the Finger Lakes Region and nestled along the Erie Canal." This provides the site visitors with a little bit of knowledge about the town. (Optional)
  4. In the "Keywords" field, Morris may type up to 7 words or phrases separated by commas to help visitors in their search. For example, "new york, cayuga lake, historic, erie canal". (Optional)
  5. In the "Enter Code From Below" field, Morris will enter the code provided.
  6. NOTE: DO NOT click "Refresh". If you click this button, it will erase the data you have already entered. If you are unsure of the code, enter what you think it is. It it is wrong, a new code will be presented with another opportunity after the "Add" button is clicked.
  7. Click "Add"
Morris had to add a Category, so the directory assumes that he is adding a listing. As such, Morris will skip Step #4 and proceed to Step #5. If a Category did not have to be added, Morris would continue to Step #4 from within the existing Scratchpole category.
  1. Click "Submit Listing" just below the Best Pubs For Food banner at the top of the page.
  2. Morris will enter the "URL" of the website associated with the venue being listed (ex:
  3. Morris will then enter a valid e-mail address for the individual who will be responsible for this listing.
    NOTE: This email address becomes the contact point for Best Pubs For Food and will also be associated to the payment process. Please ensure that a valid email address is used.
  4. Once the URL and email have been added, Morris will click "Next".
At this point, the directory will extract "Title", "Description", and "Keywords" meta data values from the URL provided and Morris will be viewing the "Listing Order Form". Depending on the level of detail at the website, it is possible that some of the fields on the form will be blank. If that is the case, Morris will fill that information in as part of the form completion.
  1. Morris will use the radio buttons to select the desired "Reciprocal Listing" subscription type.
  2. Morris will review and edit the "Title" if necessary. This is typically the name of the establishment and is limited to 55 characters in length. (ex: Feline Wine and Dine - A Fanciful Feast)
  3. Morris will verify the "URL" to be correct for the main page of the website
  4. Morris will review and edit the "Description" as desired. NOTE: When a visitor selects "View Details" from the directory, this is the information they will see to capture their attention and draw them to your site or to your venue. You may use up to 4000 characters for this description. (ex: Welcome to Feline Wine and Dine! We offer a wide variety of delicious salmon and tuna dishes for Lunch and Dinner. Whatever you're in the mood for, you can find it here (as long as it is fish).
  5. Morris will review and adjust the "keywords" as desired. When a visitor does a "search", these are the key descriptors that would help them to find the listing. (ex: scratchpole, seafood, wine, dine, feline).
  6. Morris will verify that the appropriate "Email Address" is in the field.
Morris chose the "Reciprocal Listing" option, so this is the point where he will reach out to his Webmaster.

Add a Reciprocal Link
  1. From the form, Morris will share the value from the "Reciprocal Link" field with the Webmaster and ask that they incorporate this link in a visible location on the website main page.
  2. The Webmaster will provide Morris with the URL location that the link has been added. For example, it may be This is the value that Morris will need to proceed.
  3. Morris will enter into the "Reciprocal Link URL" field.
At this point the components required for the reciprocity should be in place. Once the "Submit" button is clicked will be the true indicator.
  1. If there is any message that needs to be sent to the Administrator upon submission, Morris will complete the "Optional message to the Administrator" section. This will not be visible on the site, but is provided in case any issues were encountered or if there are any questions or concerns to be addressed.
  2. Morris will enter the code shown in the green box within the "Enter Code from below" field. As in above, DO NOT click "Refresh". If you click this button, it may erase the data you have already entered. If you are unsure of the code, enter what you think it is. If it is wrong, a new code will be presented with another opportunity after the "Submit" button is clicked.
  3. Morris will check the box labeled "By submitting a listing..." to acknowledge agreement with the site Guidelines and Terms of Service. If he had not read these and wishes to read, the link provided will open in a new window to allow him to do this.
  4. When Morris is ready to proceed, he will click "Submit". Please note that if he had not checked the agreement box, a message will appear reminding him to do so. Also, on occasion, a message may appear at the top of the page that says "invalid text from image" after clicking "Submit". If this happens, it is indicating that the code was entered incorrectly and a new code is provided. Once the new code is entered, recheck the "Agreement" box and then click Submit once more.
  5. Morris should see confirmation that the listing is pending approval.

NOTE: At this point, if one of the "paid options" were selected, you will be presented with a PayPal page for payment. Paypal is the designated payment processing agent used by
  1. If you have an existing Paypal account, please login at this time. If you do not, please click the option below the login that says "No PayPal Account? Pay using your credit or debit card". You will be prompted to create a Paypal account to proceed. You will need a valid credit or debit card for payment at this point.
  2. Enter the required information and then click "Continue". Please note that if you are not able to proceed at this point, there is an option in the lower left corner that will "Cancel and Return to eVertisements". This will return you to the website.
  3. Once the account is created or you have logged in, the details of the payment will be presented. Verify the information and adjust payment method if necessary. When ready, click "Agree and Pay".
  4. You will be provided a notification that "your purchase was successful. You should also receive an email receipt from Paypal at the email address associated with the Paypal account. Please note that "eVertisements" will appear on your receipt for this purchase.
  5. Click "return to evertisements"
New listings will be reviewed within 24 hours of submission and will be visible after that. This is to ensure that the information provided meets our standards. If there are any questions or concerns, we will be in contact via the email provided.

Once the listing is approved, it will appear according to the listing level subscribed to. In addition, new Regular or Reciprocal listings will appear on the "Home" page beneath the category menus in the section entitled "Latest Regular Listing". Featured Listings when added to the directory, temporarily reside in the New Featured Listings section of the site home page, which is at the very top of the main page. You will also be able to "Search" and navigate to the listing. Please do verify the listing and if necessary, you may contact us via the "Change My Listing's Info" option with details.

If desired, you may also list in one other category at no additional charge. Please note that the details are the same within each category, but this does allow additional exposure. For instance, you may want to list in a neighboring town or city that might be more prevalent in a search. Or you may want to list at the state level. To add an additional category:
  1. Navigate to the category in which to place the listing
  2. Click the "Submit Listing" link just below the Best Pubs For Food banner at the top of the page.
  3. Enter the same URL that was submitted with the first listing
  4. Enter the "Email address" submitted with the first listing
You should see confirmation that your listing was successfully added to the category.

Potential Errors

If you see a message that reads "Your Listing already exists in the Directory. The Listing has alos reached a maximum number of Categories allowed", you have already used both of your categories. If additional exposure is needed, a new listing must be ordered.

If you see the data form again, it likely means you either typed the URL incorrectly or used a different email address. If that is the case, click "Back" and try again.

Last updated: 26 October 2013

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